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This Milestone Unlocks Huge Possibilities For India » Bhajpa Ki Baat

Press Conference

This Milestone Unlocks Huge Possibilities For India » Bhajpa Ki Baat

This Milestone Unlocks Huge Possibilities For India » Kamal Sandesh

Taking India’s digital transformation and connectivity to new heights, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 1st October, 2022 launched 5G services in India. He also unveiled various 5G use cases of various Telecom Service Providers in Education, Health, worker safety, smart agriculture etc.

Huge Possibilities For India

On the occassion, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said this milestone unlocks huge possibilities for India with high-tech technology and paves the way to bring transformation in crucial areas including agriculture, health, education, Transport, logistics, smart cities, Industry 4.0 and financial inclusion etc.
5G technology will bolster and propel India’s position as an economic and tech powerhouse globally and will provide new opportunities for start-ups to come up with innovative solutions to solve existing challenges, create jobs and contribute to India’s economic resilience.

Earlier, Shri Narendra Modi also launched indigenous 5G NSA Core developed by Centre for Development of Telematics (CDoT) and witnessed various technology demonstrations of enterprise 5G solutions, chipsets, networking equipment developed by Indian telecom start-ups, MSMEs and large manufacturers. This brings harmony with the Prime Minister’s vision to promoting ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat’, Jai Anusandhan and ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vishwas’.

PM Shri Modi also highlighted the strength of India’s digital transformation. The 04 pillars of Digital India:

1. Cost of Devices – In the year 2014 there were 02 mobile manufacturing units in the country, whereas, presently there are 200 manufacturing units. India is now at

t @Jagat Prakash Nadda
PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji launched #5Gservices in our country today. This is a historic day for India which will provide numerous economic & societal benefits in the long run, with its transformational potential being truly immense across different fronts.

$450 billion is expected to be gained by the Indian economy in between 2023 and 2040 as a direct result of 5G. It’ll help the country overcome barriers to development, spur innovations through start-ups & businesses and will advance our Hon. PM’s vision of a ‘#DigitalIndia’.

second position in the world for manufacturing of mobile and is also a large exporter of mobiles.

2. Digital Connectivity – Country has made a huge progress; in 2014 there were 6 cr Broadband users which has now increased to 80 crore users. Now more than 1,70,000 GPs in the country are connected with OFC. Internet users in the rural areas of the country are growing at a faster rate than the urban area.

3. Cost of Data – The cost of data has reduced from Rs. 300 per GB in 2014 to Rs. 10 per GB in 2022.

4. Idea of Digital First – Rural India is fast adopting the digital technologies and internet in their daily lives.

The Prime Minister exhorted Central Ministries, State Governments and private sector to tap various 5G use cases to enhance citizen services. PM Shri Modi also visited the various pavilions of TSPs, Industries and Startups.

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