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PLI Scheme witnesses over 1.03 lakh crore of investment » Bhajpa Ki Baat

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PLI Scheme witnesses over 1.03 lakh crore of investment » Bhajpa Ki Baat

PLI Scheme witnesses over 1.03 lakh crore of investment » Kamal Sandesh

Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Schemes witness over Rs. 1.03 lakh crore of investment till November 2023, which has led to production/ sales of Rs. 8.61 lakh crore and employment generation (direct & indirect) of over 6.78 lakhs. PLI Schemes have witnessed exports surpassing Rs. 3.20 lakh crore, with significant contributions from sectors such as Large-Scale Electronics Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, and Telecom & Networking products.

As on date, 746 applications have been approved in 14 Sectors with expected investment of over Rs. 3 lakh crore. 176 MSMEs are among the PLI beneficiaries in sectors such as Bulk Drugs, Medical Devices, Pharma, Telecom, White Goods, Food Processing, Textiles & Drones. Several MSMEs are serving as investment partners/ contract manufacturers for large Corporates.

Incentive amount of around Rs. 4,415 crore disbursed under PLI Schemes for 8 Sectors viz. Large-Scale Electronics Manufacturing (LSEM), IT Hardware, Bulk Drugs, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom & Networking Products, Food Processing and Drones & Drone Components.Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) increased by ~254% since the inception of the PLI scheme for LSEM.

Under the PLI Scheme for Food Processing, sourcing of raw materials from India has seen significant increase which has positively impacted income of Indian farmers and MSMEs. Sales of Organic Products increased and Indian brand visibility enhanced in the international market through Branding & Marketing abroad. The Scheme has also led to increased Millet procurement – from 668 MT (FY 20-21) to 3,703 MT (FY 22-23).

Keeping in view India’s vision of becoming ‘Atmanirbhar’, PLI Schemes for 14 key sectors [with an incentive outlay of Rs. 1.97 lakh crore (over US$26 billion)] are under implementation to enhance India’s Manufacturing capabilities and Exports.
PLI Scheme across these key specific sectors has started to make Indian manufacturers globally competitive, attract investment in the areas of core competency and cutting-edge technology; ensure efficiencies; create economies of scale; enhance exports and make India an integral part of the global value chain.
PLI Schemes have transformed India’s exports basket from traditional commodities to high value-added products such as electronics & telecommunication goods, processed food products etc.

• Due to the PLI Scheme, there has been a significant reduction in imports of raw materials in the Pharma sector.
• Unique intermediate materials and bulk drugs are being manufactured in India including Penicillin-G. Production of 39 Medical Devices have commenced such as CT-Scan, Linear Accelerator (LINAC), Rotational Cobalt Machine, C-Arm, MRI, Cath Lab, Ultrasonography, Dialysis Machine, Heart Valves, Stents, etc.

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