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Kashmiri farmer’s special gift for PM Narendra Modi » Bhajpa Ki Baat

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Kashmiri farmer’s special gift for PM Narendra Modi » Bhajpa Ki Baat

Kashmiri farmer’s special gift for PM Narendra Modi » Kamal Sandesh

Irshad Hussain Naikoo, a farm labourer from Anantnag, Kashmir had a desire to meet Shri Narendra Modi since 2013. His love for Shri Modi was such that even in his hardships he started collecting money to get a gift for Shri Modi.

After a few years, Irshad counted on his money and thought to get a ‘Pheran’ (A traditional outfit of Kashmir) stitched for PM Shri Modi. He went to the market and selected a cloth of his choice for the ‘Pheran.’

Afterwards, he was wondering how to get measurements of PM Shri Modi to get the ‘Pheran’ stitched. One morning Irshad realized that his father is of the similar body structure as PM Shri Modi and therefore his measurement could be fit for PM Shri Modi’s measurement.

Irshad along with his father went to a tailor shop and got the ‘Pheran’ stitched for his favourite person. Upon receiving the ‘Pheran’ he started his journey for Delhi to meet PM Shri Modi in person and handover his gift to him. After reaching, Irshad tried hard but due to security reasons he could not meet PM Shri Modi in Delhi.
Irshad then came back to Kashmir and sent ‘Pheran’ by courier. He also sent a letter along with ‘Pheran’ with his name, address and telephone number.

PM Shri Narendra Modi not only accepted his gift but wore ‘Pheran’ while he was in Kashmir. He even got a call from the PMO informing that PM was in Kashmir and delivering a speech in Srinagar wearing his gifted ‘Pheran.’

This gesture by PM Shri Modi was an emotional moment for Irshad. He was emotional even while narrating this incident and said that he wants progress for his Kashmir. He also requested PM Shri Modi that he should develop Kashmir the way he had developed Gujarat when he was the Chief Minister.

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