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‘India wants the whole world to benefit from its skill, capacity and capability’ » Bhajpa Ki Baat

‘India wants the whole world to benefit from its skill, capacity and capability’ » Kamal Sandesh

PM inaugurates SemiconIndia 2023 in Gandhinagar

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated SemiconIndia 2023 at Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar, Gujarat on 28 July. The theme of the Conference is ‘Catalysing India’s Semiconductor Ecosystem’. It showcases India’s semiconductor strategy and policy which envisions making India a global hub for semiconductor design, manufacturing and technology development.

Industry leaders expressed their views on the occasion. President and CEO SEMI Shri Ajit Minocha said that for the first time in India’s history, geopolitics, domestic politics and private secret capacities are aligned in India’s favor to become a player in semiconductor production. He said investment by Micron is making history in India and will set the stage for others to follow. He said having leadership that understands the semiconductor ecosystem is what makes the present system different. He said India would be the next powerhouse in semiconductor in Asia.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister emphasized that events like Semicon are like software update where experts and industry leaders meet and share with each other. “It is important for the synchronization of our relationship,” the Prime Minister said. Shri Modi who witnessed the exhibition set on the venue, expressed delight in the innovations and energy of the sector. The Prime Minister urged everyone, especially the younger generations to visit the ongoing exhibition and understand the power of the new technology.

Recalling the participation in the first edition of Semicon last year, the Prime Minister highlighted the questions raised at the time about investing in India in the semiconductor industry. He underlined that the questions have transformed over a period of one year from ‘Why invest in India’ to ‘Why not invest in India’.

Referring to Moore’s Law with exponential growth at its heart. He said that we are witnessing the same exponential growth in India’s digital and electronic manufacturing sector. He informed that India’s share in global electronic manufacturing has increased manifold. In 2014 India’s electronic manufacturing was less than 30 billion dollars, which has crossed 100 billion dollars today. Shri Modi highlighted the crucial role of India in the semicon industry’s target of exponential growth.

Reflecting on India’s G20 theme of ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future, the Prime Minister emphasized that the same spirit is applied behind making India a semiconductor manufacturing hub. He emphasized that India wants the whole world to benefit from its skill, capacity and capability. He stressed boosting India’s potential for Global Good and a better world. The Prime Minister welcomed the participation, suggestions and thoughts in this venture and assured the industry leaders that the Government of India stands with them at every step. Concluding the address, the Prime Minister recalled his address from the Red Fort and said, “This is the time. This is the right time. Not just for India but the whole world.”

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