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Farmers’ Income increased » Bhajpa Ki Baat

‘PM Modi Implements Many Schemes To Double Farmers’ Income’ » Kamal Sandesh

Farmers’ income is estimated through the survey conducted by NSSO. As per last “Situation Assessment Survey” conducted in 2012-13, Monthly Agricultural Household Income was estimated as Rs.6,426/- which increased to Rs.10,218/- as per the survey conducted in 2018-19.

Government had constituted an Inter-Ministerial Committee in April, 2016 to examine issues relating to “Doubling of Farmers Income (DFI)” and recommend strategies to achieve the same. The Committee submitted its final report to the Government in September, 2018 containing the strategy for doubling of farmers’ income through various policies, reforms & programmes. Agriculture being a State Subject, the State Governments take appropriate measures for development of agriculture and welfare of farmers in the State. However, Government of India supplements the efforts of States through appropriate policy measures and budgetary support and various schemes/ programmes.

As per the strategy suggested by DFI Committee, Government has adopted and implemented several policies, reforms, developmental programmes and schemes for achieving higher incomes for the farmers.

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