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Election result stands as a victory for honesty, transparency and good governance : PM Modi » Bhajpa Ki Baat

Press Conference

Election result stands as a victory for honesty, transparency and good governance : PM Modi » Bhajpa Ki Baat

Election result stands as a victory for honesty, transparency and good governance : PM Modi » Kamal Sandesh


Following the grand victory in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh assembly elections PM Shri Narendra Modi led BJP’s celebrations at the BJP headquarters on 03 December, 2023. Addressing the Karyakartas in the BJP headquarters PM Shri Modi said, “Today’s triumph is historic and unprecedented. This day signifies the success of the vision for a developed India. It signifies the triumph of state development for the overall progress of India. Today, stands as a victory for honesty, transparency, and good governance.”

This is our collective fortune

PM Shri Modi said, “I salute every voter. The people of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh have shown immense affection towards the BJP. In Telangana, the support for the BJP is consistently growing. This is our collective fortune. When one receives so much love from family and relatives, it increases my responsibility even more”.

There are only FOUR CASTES in the country

Criticizing the Congress party for engaging in caste-based politics to divide the nation, Shri Modi said, “In this election, there were numerous attempts to divide the country along caste lines. However, I consistently maintained that, for me, there are only four castes in the country. Empowering our women, empowering our youth, supporting our farmers, and uplifting our poor families—strengthening these four castes is the key to empowering the nation. In these elections, people from these four castes have displayed enthusiasm towards BJP; every poor feels that he has won.”
He said, “We have support of four groups– women, youth, farmers and the poor. The support of women, youth and farmers has been paramount for the BJP…First-time voters are happy that their votes have made the BJP victorious…Youth and women are interpreting the BJP’s win as their personal victory.”

Want to thank the Nari Shakti

“I want to thank the Nari Shakti of this country…Every mother, sister and daughter of the country knows the BJP is the biggest guarantee of women empowerment, inclusivity and women safety. Every promise made to women on development, safety and inclusivity will be fulfilled. This is ‘Modi’s Guarantee’.”

Youth of the country solely desire development

Talking about the interests of the youth, the PM remarked, “The election results have made one more thing clear. The youth of the country solely desire development. Wherever governments have worked against the interests of the youth, those governments have been ousted from power. Whether it is Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, or Telangana, all these governments were embroiled in allegations of paper leaks and recruitment scams. The result is that in all three states, the parties in power are now out of government.”

Hat-trick in assembly elections, guaranteed a hat-trick of 2024

Furthermore, the PM added, “The echoes of these election results will not be confined to just Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh. The resonance of these results will reach far and wide. The reverberations of these election results will be heard across the globe. These election outcomes will enhance the confidence of the world in India’s development. These election results will also instil confidence in investors worldwide. Some people are saying that today’s hat-trick in the assembly elections has guaranteed a hat-trick of 2024.”

Zero tolerance for corruption, favouritism and dynastic politics

Hitting out at the INDI Alliance, PM Shri Modi said, “The reverberations of today’s mandate have clearly shown that there is growing zero tolerance for corruption, favouritism, and dynastic politics in the country. Those who provide a shield to corrupt individuals with various arguments are being exposed. These election results are a significant lesson for the Congress and its ‘Ghamandia’ alliance. The lesson is that the trust of the nation cannot be won by simply coming together on the platform of a few dynasts. To win the hearts of the people of the country, the fervour of national service that is required is not present in this ‘Ghamandia’ coalition.”

World’s fastest-growing economic

PM Shri Narendra Modi spoke about how every wheel of India’s economy is spinning at full speed; he iterated, “Some had predicted that the global economic downturn would impact India. However, India has outperformed every projection. Today, India stands as the world’s fastest-growing economic powerhouse. The confidence of India, the self-assurance of its people, is at an unprecedented level.”

Addressing India’s comprehensive transformation, Shri Modi stated, “Today, India’s physical infrastructure is undergoing a complete transformation. You can see the network of expressways and industrial corridors spreading in all directions. The Indian Railways is currently going through its most significant phase of transformation. Today, new railway stations are being built in the country, and modern trains are coming in. The pace is new. The determination is new.”

Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra

Speaking about the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra, PM Modi remarked, “Through this yatra, our government is actively reaching out to include people overlooked by schemes, extending a hand to them at their doorsteps. On this occasion of victory, I urge every BJP Karyakarta to take forward Modi’s guarantee vehicle from today. This Modi’s guarantee vehicle will ensure the success of the country; this is also Modi’s guarantee. Where others lose hope, that’s where Modi’s guarantee begins.” He also requested BJP Karyakartas to visit the NaMo app and make at least 10 people ambassadors of the Viksit Bharat.

Trust of 140 crore Indians

Celebrating success following wins in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh assembly elections, the Prime Minister shared his thoughts with BJP Karyakartas that the results of these elections have initiated a flow of positive energy that the entire country is currently experiencing. He further added, “This power has strengthened and fortified the foundation laid for a developed India. We must keep generating this energy and continue to enhance this strength. We need to sustain the trust of 140 crore Indians.”

Duties of BJP Karyakartas increased

In his final remarks, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the heightened responsibilities of BJP Karyakartas. He emphasized that their duties have increased as negative forces are expected to intensify their efforts to unite. “Individuals who foster discord in society will now look for fresh opportunities. It is imperative not only to confront them but also to counter their false narratives. Most importantly, for us, maintaining the trust of the people remains paramount, “he added.


• PM Shri Narendra Modi said this victory is historic and unprecedented.
• “The idea of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ has won today”.
• “Some people are even saying that today’s hat-trick has guaranteed the hat-trick of 2024.”
• “In this election, there were efforts to divide the country based on castes”.
• “I kept saying that for me, four castes are important – Nari Shakti, Yuva Shakti, Kisan aur Gareeb Parivar”.
• “I want to assure women that all promises made to them will be fulfilled 100 per cent; this is Modi’s guarantee”.

Highlights of Madhya Pradesh Election Results

• Voting for 230 assembly constituencies in Madhya Pradesh was held in a single phase on 17 November, 2023.
• Madhya Pradesh recorded a voter turnout of about 77.15 per cent.
• The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party recorded a landslide victory in Madhya Pradesh, winning 163 seats in the 230-seat Assembly.
• The BJP got a two-thirds majority in a House of 230.
• The BJP garnered 48.55% votes, a gain of over 7 percentage points compared to last time.
• Congress got 66 seats while the Bharat Adivasi Party got one seat in the state.
• In the outgoing assembly, the BJP has 127 members and the Congress has 96. There are 4 independents, while the BSP has two and the SP has one member.
• The BJP is going to form the government in Madhya Pradesh for the fifth time.
• Earlier, the Bharatiya Janata Party formed the governments in 2003, 2008, 2013, 2020.
• The party got 41.02 % of the votes in the 2018 elections. The Congress’ vote share remained almost the same at 40.40 % as against 40.89 % (2018).
• In 2013, the BJP won 165 seats and the Congress 58. In those polls, the BJP garnered 44.88% votes while the Congress polled 36.38% votes.

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