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Bjp Should Set Its Agenda For Next 25 Years : PM MODI » Bhajpa Ki Baat

Bjp Should Set Its Agenda For Next 25 Years : PM MODI » Kamal Sandesh

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on May 20, 2022 addressed the BJP National Office Bearers meeting in Jaipur, Rajasthan through video conferencing. PM Shri Modi started his address by recognising the contribution of all members of the BJP, from Founders to Pathfinders and to the Karyakartas in strengthening the party.


Shri Modi exemplified the paradigm shift the BJP has successfully brought into the country. He said when a person suffers from a long illness, they accept the circumstances and seldom keep hope for a normal life. This is what the people of this country had been through for decades, he said, “After 2014, BJP has brought the country out of this mindset. Today, the people of India are full of aspirations. They want results, they want to see governments working and they want results from governments.”

Speaking to the BJP office bearers, PM Shri Modi said, “As the party has governments in 18 states, it has more than 400 MPs and 1,300 MLAs, one might tend to think it’s enough. But that should not be the case… We ought not be complacent as our founding fathers have taught us to continue working hard for the people and their welfare.”


Exhorting the party karyakartas not to be complacent over the party’s recent successes, he suggested that the party should set its agenda for the next 25 years. “We are setting the aim for the next 25 years, it’s the time for the BJP to set the targets for the next 25 years along with consistently working for the people of India to fulfil their aspirations along with wading through all the challenges,” said PM Shri Modi.


Speaking on the completion of eight years of the NDA government, Shri Modi said that the eight years have been dedicated to service, good governance and welfare for the poor. PM Modi further talked about how eight years have been about fulfilling the expectations of the small farmers and the middle class of the country. He stated, “The BJP government has brought back the trust that the country had lost in the government, on the arrangements of the government, on the delivery mechanism of the government.”

Calling out the narrow and selfish mindset of the opposition, he said, “These political parties are provoking every weakness of the society for their selfishness, sometimes in the name of caste, sometimes in the name of regionalism, they are provoking people”. He also warned the Karyakartas that these parties will create diversions and disruptions in our path to developing the nation. The PM said, “We see how nowadays the ecosystem of some parties is trying to divert the country from the main issues with full force. We should never fell into the trap of such parties.”


PM Shri Modi mentioned several national schemes including PM Awas Yojana, Ayushman Bharat, PM-KISAN, National Education Policy and others and said, “Today even the poorest of the poor are seeing people around them getting the benefits of various govt schemes. Even the poor of the country today say with great confidence that one day, he/she will certainly get benefits of such schemes.”
“It is the BJP that has made the politics of ‘Vikaswaad’ the mainstream of the country’s politics,” he added.

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