Union Home and Cooperation Minister addressed the 75th Raising Day of Delhi Police » Bhajpa Ki Baat

Union Home and Cooperation Minister addressed the 75th Raising Day of Delhi Police » Kamal Sandesh

The Union Home and Cooperation Minister, Shri Amit Shah addressed the function organized on the occasion of the 75th Raising Day of the Delhi Police in New Delhi today. The Union Home Minister took the salute at the Delhi Police Parade and awarded medals to Officers and Jawans of Delhi Police for their outstanding service and gallantry. Shri Amit Shah also inaugurated the newly constructed DCP’s office complex at Rohini. The Union Minister Devusinh Chauhan, Union Home Secretary and Commissioner of Delhi Police amongst other dignitaries were also present at the Raising Day.

In his address, the Union Home Minister said glimpses of the manner in which the Delhi Police has kept the country’s capital safe for 75 years and changed itself according to its changing nature, were seen in today’s parade. Congratulating Officers and Jawans of Delhi Police who received the Medal for Distinguished Service and Gallantry, Shri Shah said that the acknowledgement of good work in any force encourages the entire force. The Union Home Minister also paid tribute to 79 Delhi Police personnel who laid down their lives while serving the public during the COVID-19 pandemic in the last two years. The spirit of service and devotion that the Delhi Police have shown, will guide and inspire the police forces not only in Delhi but across the country, he said.

The Union Home Minister said today is the 75th Raising Day of Delhi Police and the nation is celebrating the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. With independence, the new look and feel of Delhi Police has been placed before the people. The pre-independence police system worked to crush the freedom movement and maintain British power. But after independence, the Delhi Police was established under the leadership of the country’s first Home Minister, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and after that the Delhi Police started working with the motto of Peace, Service and Justice.

Shri Amit Shah said the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, has set many goals before the people during the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is being celebrated with full enthusiasm. The first objective of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is to acquaint the youth with the bright history of the bravehearts who sacrificed their lives in the freedom struggle from 1857 to 15th August, 1947 and by taking inspiration from them and dedicating themselves to build a new and strong India. The second objective is that Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav should be a year of resolve for the people and 130 crore people of the country should make a resolution in this year which will make our country progress, strengthen, be prosperous, be educated and be healthy. The journey of 75 to 100 years has been termed by the Prime Minister as Amrit Kaal and in these 25 years we have to resolve to take the country to top in the world in every field. These 25 years should be 25 years of accomplishing the resolutions, culmination of efforts and accomplishment of goals. The Union Home and Cooperation Minister said that in the last eight decades, Delhi Police has touched many heights, proved its mettle in difficult times and by accepting challenges has changed itself greatly. This year is the year to set two types of targets for Delhi Police. First goal, fill whatever gaps are there in Delhi Police in every area like investigation, discipline, health of Jawans, welfare, facing the challenges of terrorism, curbing narcotics trade, facing cyber challenges, in the period from 75 to 80 years. The second goal is to decide where does the Delhi Police want to see itself during the Centenary year of its establishment. He said that the Delhi Police should set targets for five years and 25 years in a time bound manner and with a roadmap.

Shri Amit Shah said that Delhi Police deserves accolades for the kind of role played by it during the COVID-19 pandemic and during the Delhi riots, especially in investigating the Delhi riots and bringing the rioters before the court. He said many times problems faced by the Delhi Police are not noticed. State police forces have to tackle law and order situation along with challenges before the State. But the Delhi Police, being the police of the capital of the nation, has to protect dignitaries holding the Constitutional posts. It has to ensure the safe conduct of major events including Republic Day and Independence Day and take care of everything including security of foreign guests. Being the capital of the country, the challenges of terrorism, narcotics and security of the diplomatic area are also those of the Delhi Police. Whatever happens in the world, its reaction is natural in the nation’s capital and at such a time, the security of the diplomatic area is also the responsibility of the Delhi Police.   The Union Home Minister said if we look back today, it is very difficult to find the origin of the Delhi Police, but I feel that Delhi Police is today standing before challenges due to this change and that has helped them reach where they are today. Time and challenges do not wait for those who do not change themselves with changing times. He said being the Home Minister, he can proudly say that Delhi Police has prepared and changed itself with the times and challenges and that is why Delhi Police is respected throughout the world today. He said that the kind of work that Delhi Police did during the pandemic would hardly have been done by any other police team. In the same period, there were chances of many incidents which were prevented very promptly by the Delhi Police because of which we feel safe today.

Shri Amit Shah said that many activities are in progress for the improvement of the Delhi Police and a Perception Management Department has also been created in Delhi Police. It is very necessary that we need to look at duty of the police from a different perspective and on basis of some stories and anecdotes we should not ignore the seriousness of the sacrifice, penance and fulfillment of their duty. When women folk tie the rakhi on Rakshabandhan on personnel of the Delhi Police, even at that time the police personnel of Delhi and the country stay alert so that there should be no untoward incident. Even when we celebrate Holi, Deepawali and Eid, police personnel have to worry about law and order, there is neither overtime nor duty hours. The most difficult duty is performed by police across the country and 35,000 personnel of the CAPFs and police of all States have been martyred while handling the internal security of the country, and we should all have deepest regard for them. The Union Home Minister said that the Perception Management Department will not only place the difficulties of the police department before the public, but also work on managing change in nature due to a difficult life faced by police personnel. A Directorate of Training has also been set up. The housing satisfaction ratio was 19 percent in 2019, we will be able to take it to 40 percent before 2024. Challenges such as narcotics, terrorism, cyber ​​attacks, fake currency and everyday crimes have been handled very well by the Delhi Police. When the Centenary of Independence and of the Delhi Police will be celebrated, at that time Delhi Police will be successful in establishing their reputation as the best police force in the world, said the Union Home Minister.

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