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The Congress Party has only worked to destabilize and discourage India’s ancient democratic traditions: PM » Bhajpa Ki Baat


The Congress Party has only worked to destabilize and discourage India’s ancient democratic traditions: PM » Bhajpa Ki Baat

The Congress Party has only worked to destabilize and discourage India’s ancient democratic traditions: PM » Kamal Sandesh

PM Modi addressed two public rallies at Badami and Haveri in Karnataka. PM Modi outlined BJP’s focus on good governance and urged people to elect a stable and development oriented BJP Government in the state with a full majority.

PM Modi began his address at Badami by greeting the residents in Kannada while also acknowledging Badami as the capital of the Chalukya Dynasty. While addressing the crowd PM Modi said, “Your persistent encouragement and support give me the belief that the BJP will once again come to power in the upcoming elections.”

While the BJP envisaged a double-engine government to enable the development of Karnataka, PM Modi said, “The Congress Party has only indulged in appeasement politics, baseless criticism of the welfare programmes of the poor and the unnecessarily hurling of abuses towards the OBCs, Lingayat Community and Modi.”

Speaking on the development in Badami, PM Modi said, “Siddaramaiah ji claims that it is his Congress party that has facilitated the region’s development. But it is the schemes that the BJP Government has implemented enabling the infrastructure creation in the region be it that of roads, railways, or highways.”

PM Modi stated, “The next time when Siddamaramiah ji visits Badami, all of you ask him as to why was the region of Badami deprived of all of its benefits as a region and that why the development of the region was never a priority to the Congress Party.”

PM Modi said that despite so many governments of the Congress Party being elected in the state post-India’s independence, all they indulged was in the misappropriation of funds, rampant corruption, and devising ineffective policies. It is only the BJP that has prioritized the development of Karnataka and its people and has created social infrastructure benefitting many citizens and providing last-mile connectivity.

BJP has promoted the Jan Dhan-Aadhar-Mobile Trinity that has created digital infrastructure eliminating the Congress Party’s system promoting misappropriation of funds and rampant corruption. “The BJP Government has not only been working for the poor by ameliorating poverty and providing them socio-economic benefits but is at every level trying to reduce costs by progressive interventions,” said PM Modi.

PM Modi added, “Another aspect of the development of the people of Karnataka are the mobile devices. In 2014, during the Congress Government, India only had two factories but today India is the second largest mobile manufacturer in the world with over 200 factories. Data connectivity in India has also been a revolution. This twin access to affordable mobiles and internet connectivity has also promoted the development of Karnataka.”

The BJP Government has always tried to promote the importance of local cultural traditions. PM Modi said, “The Chalukyan Dynasty’s greatness in terms of promoting the culture and traditions of Badami is extremely prominent and we have always worked towards preserving the same.” We believe that Badami, Aihole, and Hampi among others are the regions that can be promoted through tourism connectivity providing more opportunities to the people, especially the youth.

The Congress Party has only worked to destabilize and discourage India’s ancient democratic traditions. Congress Party does not even acknowledge India as the ‘Mother of Democracy’ in the world. PM Modi said, “The BJP, has always sought to promote India’s handicrafts, art and culture and sculpture art. Even in Karnataka, the BJP Government has prioritized and given its due respect to people be it ‘Ibrahim Suthar’ (Kabir of Karnataka) or Kadir ji promoting the ‘Bidri Art’.” Karnataka’s various traditions like Kumbara, Kammara, Akkasaliga, Shilpi, and among others are also India’s pride. Ilkal and Guledgudda Sarees are also India’s pride.

The Congress party has only worked towards the destruction of these cultural heritages that span over generations. We, in the capacity of the BJP Government, have not only ensured that these cultures and traditions have been preserved but have also sought to promote their exports and create independent identities for each local product.

PM Modi said, “The BJP Government has worked to improve the conditions of the farmers in the Kalyana-Karnataka region through various supportive initiatives enabling the growth of pulses and edible oil in the region. This has furthered the production of these food crops in the region contributing to the overall development of the region.

PM Modi said that the BJP Government intended to promote the production of edible oil in the region through its Mission Oil Palm. The conditions, he remarked, are suitable not only for palm-oil growth but this region has the potential to make India Atmanirbhar in the palm-oil as well as the edible oil sector.

At a rally in Haveri, Karnataka, PM Modi cited the various development works undertaken by the BJP Government. He said, “The six-lane Chitradurga-Davangere-Haveri expressway and the Hubbali-Chikballapur railway line will facilitate the growth of the region’s highways and railways infrastructure. Congress could not develop the state as Congress means total corruption; Congress means scams worth thousands of crores; Congress means 85% commission; Congress means, the party which succumbs to terrorism; Congress means, the party which gives first priority to appeasement; Congress means, the party which encourages divisive politics.”

The Congress Party has only been interested in giving false commitments to people and setting up committees not enabling the development of the people. PM Modi said, “Even in Himachal Pradesh, the Congress Government had promised to give jobs to one lakh youth after being elected and this promise also has been unfulfilled.” They also committed to 300 units of free electricity but once they were elected, they raised the prices of electricity consumption.

Congress had guaranteed to ameliorate poverty 50 years ago, but even to date, all sections of society are deprived of even the basic benefits said PM Modi. The BJP Government has always worked towards enabling the empowerment of the deprived sections of the people. PM Modi said, “Our priorities and policies have been oriented in providing the real social justice to people” promoting Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas.”

Haveri is also the birthplace of Sant Kanakdas ji who not only was the pioneer of literature in the region but whose values of empathy, social justice, and brotherhood inspire us even today. Also, “The UN celebrating the International Year of Millets or ‘Sri Anna’, 2023 can also be attributed to Sant Kanakdas ji,” said PM Modi.

During the Congress regime, India was the tenth-largest economy in the world. Today, India is the fifth-largest economy in the world, said PM Modi. This has been a monumental change over the past nine years which the world has acknowledged and discussed, said PM Modi. With this achievement, we have also surpassed the economy of the UK that ruled over us for over 200 years, and with this “India’s time has arrived”, said PM Modi.

Concluding his remarks, PM Modi urges the people to turn out in large numbers on 10th May and vote for the BJP to enable the continuance of the double-engine Sarkar in Karnataka.

(News Source -Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by Bhajpa Ki Baat staff and is published from a kamal sandesh feed.)

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