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PM launches Pradhan Mantri Samajik Utthan evam Rozgar Adharit Jankalyan (PM-SURAJ) portal » Bhajpa Ki Baat


PM launches Pradhan Mantri Samajik Utthan evam Rozgar Adharit Jankalyan (PM-SURAJ) portal » Bhajpa Ki Baat

PM launches Pradhan Mantri Samajik Utthan evam Rozgar Adharit Jankalyan (PM-SURAJ) portal » Kamal Sandesh

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed a program marking nationwide outreach for credit support to disadvantaged sections via video conferencing today. The Prime Minister launched the Pradhan Mantri Samajik Utthan evam Rozgar Adharit Jankalyan (PM-SURAJ) national portal and sanctioned credit support to one lakh entrepreneurs of disadvantaged sections of the country. He also interacted with beneficiaries of various government schemes from disadvantaged groups, including Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and sanitation workers.

Shri Narendra Sen from Indore, Madhya Pradesh is the founder of an internet company dealing with cloud computing. He elaborated on his journey to the Prime Minister from owning a cybercafe to learning coding to becoming a founder. He informed the Prime Minister that he aims to empower the MSMEs by digitalizing them. Upon the Prime Minister’s light-hearted request to find out the story of another Narendra, Shri Sen informed Prime Minister Modi that he hailed from a village but his family moved to Indore and had a keen interest in technology even though he had a background in commerce. He further said that the Prime Minister’s address during one of Nasscom’s events and his demand for a cloud godown in India motivated him to start work on cloud computing. “One Narendra sitting in a village got inspired by another Narendra”, Shri Sen said. Upon the Prime Minister’s enquiry about the challenges and support from the government, Shri Sen said that his request for assistance was approved by the then Secretary of Information Technology which led to the development of India’s first data center park. The Prime Minister expressed delight at Shri Sen and other youth for taking an interest in startups and lauded their approach. He congratulated him for his success.

From Jammu, Neelam Kumari who runs a boutique, interacted with the Prime Minister. She recalled the problems suffered during the pandemic lockdown. She is a beneficiary of many welfare schemes like Ujjwala, PM Awas, Ayushman, and Swachh Bharat. She availed government loans to start a business.  The Prime Minister praised her for being a job giver. The Prime Minister told her that people from every corner of the country, who were previously ignored, are availing the benefits of the government schemes.  The Prime Minister thanked her for sharing her inspiring story. He said that schemes like Jan Dhan, Mudra, PM Awas and Udyamta Vikas yojana are changing the lives of those who were left behind earlier.

Shri Naresh from Ahmednagar in Maharashtra who is the co-founder of Jal Jeevan Agrotech informed the Prime Minister that his startup deals with preserving agricultural wastewater. He further mentioned receiving a loan amount of Rs 30 lakhs under Ambedkar Social Innovation Mission which helped him purchase machinery to set up his company. He thanked the Prime Minister and the Government of India. Upon the Prime Minister’s enquiry about his journey from agricultural fields to becoming the founder of a company, Shri Naresh said that he along with his parents worked in the farms which gave him the required experience. He also informed the Prime Minister about receiving the benefits of Ayushman Bharat Card and Rashtriya ration scheme. With regards to supporting farmers through his company, Shri Naresh said that the product manufactured and designed by his company received a patent from the Government of India and it helps prevent the wastage of water during agriculture. He also urged the new industries trying to make a mark in the agricultural sector to avail the benefits of government schemes. Prime Minister Modi lauded his enthusiasm and said that he is an inspiration to the youth who wish to enter the agricultural sector.

Smt Muthamma from Guntur, a Safai Karamchari, told the Prime Minister about her pride in getting the allotment of a septic tank desludging vehicle in her name that transformed her life. She got emotional about narrating her journey.  “This vehicle has given me strength and society has started giving me new respect. All this is due to your initiatives”, she said. On being asked by the Prime Minister, she informed him about the education of her kids and she said she is changing their life by learning to drive. She thanked the Prime Minister for all the various welfare schemes which she and her family are availing. The Prime Minister thanked her for taking forward his favourite area i.e. swachhta and said that the government has been working for the last 10 years to bring about positive changes in the lives of citizens. “Dignity and prosperity of women are key parts of our resolution”, said the Prime Minister.

Addressing the occasion, the Prime Minister acknowledged the virtual presence of about 3 lakh people from 470 districts and expressed gratitude. Prime Minister Modi underlined that the nation is witnessing another huge occasion towards the welfare dalits, backward and deprived sections. He said that today’s occasion provides a glimpse of the government’s commitment to prioritize the underprivileged. He mentioned transferring financial assistance worth  Rs 720 crores directly into the bank accounts of 1 lakh beneficiaries of the disadvantaged sections hailing from 500 different districts in India and said, “Such a system of DBT was unimaginable during the previous governments.” He mentioned launching SURAJ Portal which will facilitate financial assistance to the disadvantaged sections of society, similar to direct benefit transfers from other government schemes and free from middlemen, commissions and recommendations. The Prime Minister also touched upon the distribution of Ayushman Bharat Cards and PPE kits to Safai Mitras engaged in sewer and septic tank shramiks. He said that the expansion of services is part of the welfare campaign for SC, ST and OBC along with the deprived sections and congratulated them for the schemes of today.

Referring to his interaction with the beneficiaries, the Prime Minister expressed satisfaction with how the welfare schemes are reaching the dalits, deprived and backward communities. PM Modi said that this makes him emotional as he is not separate from them and he sees in them his family.

Talking about the goal of Viksit Bharat by 2047. The Prime Minister said that the goal can not be achieved without the development of the deprived segments. He said that he has broken the mindset of the past and it is being ensured that facilities available to others like gas connection, bank accounts, toilets etc. are available to dalits, backwards, deprived and tribals.

The Prime Minister pointed out that many generations of the deprived segments were wasted in just arranging for the basic amenities. “After 2014 the government reached the segments devoid of any hope and made them partners in the nation’s development”, said the Prime Minister.  He said that the biggest beneficiaries of schemes like free ration, free medical treatment, pucca houses, toilets, and Ujjwala gas connection are the people on the periphery, the deprived segments. “Now we are working with the goal of saturation in these schemes”, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister also mentioned schemes for nomadic and semi-nomadic communities and NAMASTE scheme for Safai Karamcharis. Talking about the elimination of the inhuman practice of manual scavenging, the Prime Minister pointed out that 60,000 sufferers have been given financial assistance so that they can rebuild a life of dignity.

“Government is making all possible efforts to empower the SC, ST and OBC communities”, PM Modi said, informing that the assistance provided to them by various institutions has been doubled in the last 10 years. He informed that the government has provided almost Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand crores for the welfare of the SC community this year alone. Pointing out that lakhs and crores of rupees were only associated with scams during the previous governments,  the Prime Minister affirmed spending this money for the welfare of Dalits and the deprived and for the development of the country. He mentioned increasing scholarships for SC, ST and OBC youth, reservation of 27 percent seats for OBC in the all-India quota of Medical seats, making inroads for OBC students in NEET examination, and assistance from National Overseas Scholarship for students from underprivileged communities to pursue Master and PhD degrees abroad. He further added that the amount of National Fellowship has also been increased to help students pursue PhD in science-related subjects. The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction that the National Commission for Backward Classes has got constitutional status. He also mentioned developing the Panch Teerths associated with the life of Babasaheb Ambedkar.

“Government is also giving priority to employment and self-employment of youth from deprived sections”, the Prime Minister said, highlighting the Mudra Yojna which has provided financial assistance worth about Rs 30 lakh crores to the poor including SC, ST and OBC communities. He also touched upon the Standup India Scheme and Venture Capital Fund Scheme which promote entrepreneurship in SC and ST categories. “Keeping in mind the entrepreneurship among Dalits, our government has also launched the Ambedkar Social Innovation and Incubation Mission”, PM Modi added.

Referring to policies for the benefit of dalit and deprived communities, the Prime Minister concluded, “This is a testament to our commitment to provide dignity and justice to the underprivileged. Modi gives you this guarantee, this campaign of development and respect for the deprived class will intensify in the coming 5 years. With your development, we will fulfill the dream of Viksit Bharat.”


PM-SURAJ national portal for credit support to disadvantaged sections embodies the Prime Minister’s commitment to prioritize the underprivileged (vanchiton ko variyata). It is a transformative initiative, aimed at uplifting the most marginalized segments of society. The credit support will be provided to eligible persons across the country and facilitated through banks, NBFC-MFIs and other organizations.

During the programme, the Prime Minister also distributed Ayushman Health Cards and PPE kits to Safai Mitras (Sewer and Septic tank workers) under the National Action for Mechanised Sanitation Ecosystem (NAMASTE). This initiative represents yet another step towards safeguarding the health and safety of frontline workers who serve in challenging conditions.

The program witnessed the participation of about 3 lakh beneficiaries of various government schemes from disadvantaged groups who joined the program from over 500 districts across the country.

(News Source -Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by Bhajpa Ki Baat staff and is published from a kamal sandesh feed.)

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