PM inaugurates Post Budget webinar of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare » Bhajpa Ki Baat

PM inaugurates Post Budget webinar of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare » Kamal Sandesh

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the post Union Budget webinar of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This is fifth webinar in the series of post budget webinars addressed by the Prime Minister. Union Ministers, healthcare professionals from public and private sectors, and professionals from para-medics,  nursing, health management, technology and research were present on the occasion.

At the outset, the Prime Minister congratulated the health sector for successfully running the world’s largest vaccination campaign that has established the efficiency and mission oriented nature of India’s healthcare system.

The Prime Minister said that the Budget builds upon the efforts to reform and transform the healthcare sector that have been undertaken during the last 7 years. “We have adopted a holistic approach in our healthcare system. Today our focus is not only on health, but equally on wellness”, he emphasized.

The Prime Minister elaborated on three factors that underline the efforts of making the health sector holistic and inclusive. Firstly, expansion of modern medical science related infrastructure and human resources. Secondly, promotion of research in the traditional Indian medical systems like Ayush and their active engagement in the healthcare system. Thirdly, providing affordable healthcare to every citizen and every region of the country via modern and futuristic technology. “It is our endeavor that critical healthcare facilities should be at the block level, at the district level, near the villages. This infrastructure needs to be maintained and upgraded from time to time. For this the private sector and other sectors will also have to come forward with more energy”, he added.

The Prime Minister informed  that in order to strengthen the primary healthcare network, work on  1.5 lakh Health and Wellness Centers is also progressing at a brisk pace. Till now more than 85000 centers are providing the facility of routine checkup, vaccination and tests. In this budget, the facility of mental healthcare has also been added to them, he said.

On enhancing the medical human resources, the Prime Minister said “as the demand for healthcare services is increasing, we are also trying to create skilled health professionals accordingly. Therefore, a significant hike is made in the budget for health education and human resource development related to healthcare as compared to last year.” The Prime Minister called upon the healthcare community to work with a set time frame on the task of taking these reforms forward with the help of technology with a focus on improving quality of medical education and making that more inclusive and affordable.

On the factor of modern and futuristic technologies in the medical field, the Prime Minister lauded the platforms like CoWin that have established India’s reputation in the world with regard to digital health solutions. Similarly, he said, Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission provides an easy interface between the consumer and healthcare provider. “With this, both getting and giving treatment in the country will become very easy. Not only this, it will also facilitate global access to India’s quality and affordable healthcare system”, said the Prime Minister about the benefits of Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission.

The Prime Minister dwelled on positive role of remote healthcare and telemedicine during the pandemic. He stressed the role of these technologies in reducing health access divide between urban and rural India. Mentioning the upcoming 5G network and optical fiber network project for every village, the Prime Minister asked the Private sectors to come forward to increase their partnership. He also emphasized the promotion of drone technology for medical purposes.

The Prime Minister noted the growing global acceptance of Ayush and exuded pride in the fact that WHO is going to start its only Global Center of Traditional Medicine in India.  “Now it is up to all of us how to create better solutions of AYUSH for ourselves and for the world as well”, he added.

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