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PM addresses Aai Shree Sonal Mata’s Birth Centenary Program » Bhajpa Ki Baat


PM addresses Aai Shree Sonal Mata’s Birth Centenary Program » Bhajpa Ki Baat

PM addresses Aai Shree Sonal Mata’s Birth Centenary Program » Kamal Sandesh

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed Sonal Mata’s Birth Centenary Program via video message today.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that the birth centenary of Aai Shree Sonal Maa is taking place in the holy month of Paush and it is a privilege to be associated with this sacred event as he expressed gratitude for the blessings of Sonal Mata. Prime Minister Modi congratulated the entire Charan Samaj and all the administrators on the occasion and said,  “Madhda Dham is the center of reverence, power, rituals and traditions for the Charan community. I bow before the feet of Shree Aai and pay my obeisance.”

Underlining that the memories of the three-day birth centenary festival of Sonal Mata are still fresh, the Prime Minister said that Bhagwati Swarupa Sonal Maa was a living example of the fact that India has never been devoid of in     carnate souls in any era. Noting that Gujarat and Saurashtra have especially been the land of great saints and personalities, PM Modi said that many saints and great souls have spread their light for the entire humanity in this region. He mentioned that the Holy Girnar has been the place of Lord Dattatreya and countless saints. In this eternal saint tradition of Saurashtra, the Prime Minister said, “Shree Sonal Mata was like a beacon of light for the modern era. Her spiritual energy, humanitarian teachings and penance created a wonderful divine charm in her personality that can be felt even today in Sonal Dham of Junagadh and Madhda.”

The Prime Minister said, “Sonal Maa’s entire life was dedicated to public welfare, service to the country and religion where she worked with great people like Bhagat Bapu, Vinoba Bhave, Ravi Shankar Maharaj, Kanbhai Laheri, Kalyan Sheth.” PM Modi emphasized that she used to have a special place among the scholars of the Charan community and also changed the lives of many youths by giving them direction. Highlighting her contributions to society, the Prime Minister mentioned her wonderful work towards education and de-addiction in society. He said that Sonal Mata worked to save the society from evil practices and had started a huge pledge campaign from Vowar village of Kutch which emphasized becoming self-reliant by working hard and protecting the livestock.

Prime Minister Modi added that along with spiritual and social work, Sonal Ma was also a strong guardian of the unity and integrity of the country and informed about her standing up,  just like Maa Chandi, against the conspiracies that were going on to break Junagadh during the time of partition.

“Shree Sonal Maa is a great symbol of the contributions of the Charan community to the country”, the Prime Minister said as he mentioned that this society has been given a special place and respect in India’s scriptures as well. He informed that sacred texts like Bhagwat Purana refer to the Charan community as the direct descendants of Shree Hari. Ma Saraswati has also given special blessings to this society. Therefore, the Prime Minister said, many scholars were born in this society and gave examples of Pujya Tharan Bapu, Pujya Isar Das Ji, Pingalshi Bapu, Pujya Kag Bapu, Merubha Bapu, Shankardan Bapu, Shambhudan Ji, Bhajanik Naranswami, Hemubhai Gadhvi, Padmashree Kavi Dad and Padmashree Bhikhudan Gadhvi and many such personalities who have enriched the Charan Samaj. “The vast Charan literature is still proof of this great tradition. Be it patriotic songs or spiritual sermons, Charan literature has played an important role for centuries”, the Prime Minister emphasized, referring to the powerful speech of Shree Sonal Maa which is a great example of this. He informed that although she never received education through traditional methods, she had a strong command over languages like Sanskrit and had a deep knowledge of the scriptures. “Those who heard the story of Ramayana from her could never forget it”, the Prime Minister remarked. Noting that Sonal Mata’s happiness would know no boundaries if she found out about the Pran Pratishtha ceremony to be held in Shree Ram Temple in Ayodhya on 22nd January, the Prime Minister urged everyone to light Shree Ram Jyoti on the auspicious occasion of 22nd January. The Prime Minister also touched upon the cleanliness campaign for temples in the country that began yesterday and said, “We have to work together in this direction also. I am sure, with such efforts, the happiness of Shree Sonal Maa will multiplied.”

Concluding the address, the Prime Minister said that the inspiration of Shree Sonal Maa gives us new energy to work towards India being a developed and self-reliant nation. He also noted the role of Charan society in achieving these goals. “The 51 commandments given by Sonal Maa are the direction guide for the Charan society”, the Prime Minister said urging the Charan community to continue working to create awareness in society. He appreciated the continuous Yagya of Sadavrata going on in Madhda Dham to strengthen social harmony and expressed confidence that  Madhda Dham will continue to give impetus to countless such rituals of nation-building in the future.

(News Source -Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by Bhajpa Ki Baat staff and is published from a kamal sandesh feed.)

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