If Congress had been dissolved, India would have been at least 5 decades ahead today: PM » Bhajpa Ki Baat

If Congress had been dissolved, India would have been at least 5 decades ahead today: PM » Kamal Sandesh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a massive public gathering in Mumbai, presenting a compelling vision for the future and highlighting the significant role Mumbai plays in India’s development. He called on the citizens to support the BJP and Shiv Sena candidates in the upcoming elections to ensure the continuation of progressive policies and robust governance.

PM Modi began his speech by acknowledging Mumbai’s unique spirit and resilience. “Mumbai doesn’t just dream,” he said, “Mumbai lives its dreams. To those who set out with a resolve to achieve something, Mumbai has never disappointed.” He emphasized that the city’s dynamic nature will be crucial in realizing India’s dream for 2047, transforming India into a developed nation.

The Prime Minister pointed out the historical shortcomings that have hindered India’s progress. “Many countries that gained independence alongside India have surged ahead of us. Were we any less capable? The shortfall was in the government that did not believe in the potential of Indians,” he said criticizing the post-independence era governed by Congress, attributing India’s lag in development to their policies. “If Congress had been dissolved as advised by Gandhi Ji after independence, India would have been at least five decades ahead today.”

Highlighting his government’s achievements, PM Modi stated, “When the country became independent, India was the world’s sixth-largest economy. In 2014, Congress handed over an 11th-ranked economy. Today, we are the fifth-largest economic power.” He assured the crowd that India is on track to become the world’s third-largest economic power soon. “I want to leave you with a developed India. That’s why Modi is working for you 24×7 for 2047,” he declared.

The Prime Minister cited various instances where his government achieved what was previously deemed impossible, including the construction of the Ram Temple, the removal of Article 370, and the abolition of triple talaq. He reminded the audience of the reduced terrorist attacks and improved security. “From serial bomb blasts, from terrorist attacks, our cities like Mumbai used to tremble. Now, all that has stopped,” emphasized PM Modi.

PM Modi highlighted the numerous infrastructure projects undertaken by his government, contrasting them with the previous administration’s delays and obstructions. “The bullet train work, the Mumbai Metro work, the Dedicated Freight Corridor, the container terminal work at JNPT, they delayed, obstructed, and deviated every major project related to Mumbai,” he criticized. “Today, the world’s most modern infrastructure is coming to Mumbai. The Atal Setu, the expansion of the Mumbai Metro, the modernization of Mumbai Local, and the Navi Mumbai airport are all part of this transformation.”

The Prime Minister also focused on creating new employment sectors, citing the establishment of over 125,000 new startups in India, with more than 8,000 in Mumbai alone. “In the last 10 years, India has become the second-largest hub for mobile manufacturing,” he stated, promising that in the coming years, India would provide limitless opportunities for youth in various fields, from technology to tourism.

Highlighting the rich contributions of India’s divinely souls, PM Modi said, “Mumbai draws inspiration from Chaitya Bhoomi. It is our government that has developed Baba Saheb’s Panchteerth worldwide, including Chaitya Bhoomi.”

“In this land of Shivteerth, the roars of Balasaheb Thackeray and Veer Savarkar once echoed. But today, seeing the treacherous alliance, their souls must be deeply saddened. These fake Shiv Sena members. They have betrayed Balasaheb. They have betrayed the sacrifice of Shiv Sainiks. For power, they have aligned with those who insulted the Ram Temple. For power, they have sided with those who partied after the Mumbai attacks. Today, they are sitting in the lap of Congress, which constantly insults Veer Savarkar. They have betrayed Maharashtra’s soil and hurt Maharashtra’s pride,” said PM Modi criticizing the fake Shiv Sena’s line of work in Mumbai.

Highlighting his government’s commitment to education and healthcare, PM Modi spoke about the new National Education Policy that allows studying medicine and engineering in regional languages like Marathi. He also announced, “Any senior citizen above 70 years in your home will get free treatment up to ₹5 lakh annually. Modi will ensure their hospital treatment… and that too, free of cost.”

PM Modi concluded his speech with a powerful call to action, urging every Mumbaikar to vote in the upcoming elections. “Every single vote is important. Your one vote has been the basis for major decisions in the national interest,” he emphasized. “Your every vote will go directly to Modi, ensuring a strong NDA government,” PM Modi added.

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