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EPFO adds 1.39 crore net members during FY 2022-23 » Bhajpa Ki Baat

EPFO adds 1.39 crore net members during FY 2022-23 » Kamal Sandesh

The provisional payroll data of EPFO released on 20th May, 2023 highlights that EPFO has added 13.40 lakh net members in the month of March, 2023. During the financial year 2022-23, around 1.39 crore net members have been added by EPFO with an increase of 13.22% compared to the previous financial year 2021-22 wherein EPFO had added approximately 1.22 crore net members.

Out of 13.40 lakh members added during the month, around 7.58 lakh new members have come under ambit of EPFO for the first time. Among the newly joined members, highest enrolment is registered in the age-group of 18-21 years with 2.35 lakh members, followed by the age-group of 22-25 years with 1.94 lakh members. The age-groups of 18-25 years constitutes 56.60% of total new members added during the month. This age-wise comparison of payroll data indicates that majority of the members joining organised sector workforce of the country are first-time job seekers.

Gender-wise analysis of payroll data reflects that enrolment of net female members has been 2.57 lakh in March, 2023, which is around 19.21% of the net member addition for the month. Of these, 1.91 lakh female members are the new joinees. This is around 25.16% addition of all the new joinees.

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