As India crossed the landmark of administering 100 crore Covid-19 vaccines to its population, every Indian is feeling proud of having performed a great feat in such a short time. The nation is filled with an overwhelming sense of achievement and accomplishment. The sense of achievement is getting multiplied by the fact that powered by ‘Made in India’ vaccines, India has crossed this milestone on its own strength. This marvellous achievement is boldly announcing the arrival of an ‘Aatmnirbhar Bharat’ under the visionary and charismatic leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi which is ready of convert challenges into opportunities. While many developed nations are still contending with the pandemic seeking to vaccinate its population fully, India has secured this benchmark in just around nine months showing the commitment of Modi government to the mantra of ‘Speed, Scale and Skill’ in delivering the vaccines to even inaccessible and remotest part of the country and to the last person in the society cutting across geographical, social and economic divide.

India’s vaccination journey crossing 100 crore mark is studded with many glorious achievements. It is a saga of consistent endeavours which saw each passing day gaining momentum and creating new landmarks of success. While continuously reducing the days in vaccinating 10 crore people from 85 to 11 days, India touched one crore mark in a single day on many occasions. It was a world record when the nation crossed 2.5 crore mark in a single day as a birthday gift to Prime Minster on 17 September 2021. As a number of states and UTs in India have been able to give at least one jab to its 100% population, some other states have achievements even bigger than some leading countries in the world. The mammoth task of vaccinating a country of around 140 crore people which appeared extremely challenging now seems within reach and achievable with 31% population fully vaccinated and above 75% population having received at least one jab.

The speed with which the world’s largest and fastest vaccination drive is moving forward leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that very soon entire eligible population of India will be fully vaccinated

India’s glorious achievements have proven the doomsayers wrong many times earlier also but this time their apprehensions have been badly belied. No one should forget that during pandemic, a section of opposition led by Congress and backed by these doomsayers had doubted the strength and capabilities of India in fighting the pandemic while raising questions on efficacy of ‘Made in India’ vaccines and tried to create panic in the country. Many of these doomsayers cloaked as experts had tried to break the morale of the country by citing fuzzy data predicting inevitable failure of the entire nation. They are the same set of people who in the beginning even doubted that India will be able to produce enough sanitizers, masks and medicines. But the united spirit of India responded overwhelmingly by manufacturing ‘Made in India’ vaccines and even helping other countries with medical equipments, expertise, medicines and other essentials in the time of their need. The Congress and its allies and these doomsayers should realize that a ‘New India’ has arisen under the strong and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi which can easily achieve what appears impossible to them.

The speed with which the world’s largest and fastest vaccination drive is moving forward leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that very soon entire eligible population of India will be fully vaccinated. While the free vaccines have become a unique component of this massive drive, the united spirit of the nation to fight the pandemic has enabled the nation to meet every challenge with strength and determination. The commitment and dedication of the doctors, nurses, medical staff, lab technicians, pharma sector, administrative personnel and Corona Warriors have made the entire nation proud making India stand out in the world as a wonderful nation. As India resumes help to other countries in supplying vaccines, its success in crossing 100 crore jabs at home makes every Indian bask in glory.


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