Author: Pawan Pandit

TMC-Congress-Left thrive in corruption, violence, lawlessness, favoritism: PM » Kamal Sandesh
Congress and JMM don't understand even the basics of development: PM » Kamal Sandesh
Family-centric political parties are incapable of addressing the needs of the country's youth: Amit Shah » Kamal Sandesh
If Congress had been dissolved, India would have been at least 5 decades ahead today: PM » Kamal Sandesh
For SP and Congress, nothing is more important than their vote bank: PM » Kamal Sandesh
This election marks the beginning of a new era of development by removing Naveen Babu in Odisha: Amit Shah » Kamal Sandesh
During the SP-Congress regime, common people’s security was left to the mercy of God: PM » Kamal Sandesh
People in Bihar will likely say “No” to the Jungle Raj under the INDI Alliance: Amit Shah » Kamal Sandesh
We've never discriminated based on religion; our schemes benefit everyone: PM » Kamal Sandesh
Before 2014, politics was often centred towards “vote banks, casteism, and religion”: Jagat Prakash Nadda » Kamal Sandesh